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Wildlife Unlimited Inc.
Iron County, Michigan
P.O. Box 486
Iron River, Michigan 49935

Statement of Purpose

Wildlife Unlimited has been chartered as a non-profit, non-stock corporation with the State of Michigan
which was established for a number of purposes. It will work toward the perpetuation of wildlife and fish
indigenous to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in Iron County. It will continue to promote, carry on and
foster scientific research, education and training as it pertains to the management of these animals; and
it will establish, promote and otherwise encourage the study of conservation restoration and management of
their various habitats.

To guide the organization in attaining these goals, a technical advisory committee has been invited to
join Wildlife Unlimited, which will offer alternative suggestions on needed wildlife habitat management in
Iron County and its immediately surrounding areas. The advisory group consists of biologists with the
Michigan Department of Natural Resources Wildlife and Fisheries Divisions, representatives of the U.S.
Forest Service, Iron County Board of Commissioners, and many Iron County Businessmen.

All programs depend on local funding. All funds obtained through various fund raising activities and
pledges from concerned citizens will continue to be applied totally and directly to the management of some
wildlife habitat in Iron County. Upland game migratory waterfowl, fish, and many non-game species of
animals are considered equally.

All projects will continue to be selected for funding so that they will benefit the general public, not a
single interest group. Most habitat management will continue to be confirmed to state owned or corporate
owned lands which permit public access. Many projects will be supervised by the employees of the Michigan
Department of Natural Resources through a cooperative agreement. In this way, dollars spent on overhead,
equipment or personnel.

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