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2014 Youth Fishing Contest

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Thanks to Floyd Dropps, Chairman and a team of volunteers that made this popular project happen for the third strait year.

CRYSTAL FALLS—Wildlife Unlimited of Iron County announces the winners of the Kids Fishing Derby held on June 28 at Runkle Lake. 0 to 6 Year Old, Game Fish Division: 1st Bryant Minier, age 6, northern pike, 3/4-pound. 0 to 6 Year Old, Pan Fish Division: 1st Emma Ziegler, 2, sunfish, 1/-pound; 2nd Violet Maki, 3, sunfish, 7/16-pound.; 3rd Mike Ondonak, 2, crappie, 5/16-pound.; 4th Amilia Reed, 6, bluegill, 4/16-pound.; 5th Josiah Minier, 4, pumpkin seed, 3/16-pound. 7 to 11 Year Old, Game Fish Division: 1st Adia Archer, 11, largemouth bass, 2 lbs.; 2nd Zachary Turner, 10, largemouth bass, 1-1/2 lbs.; 3rd Marcus Rowell, 9, largemouth b, 1-1/8-pounds; Brady Johnston, 10, largemouth bass, 1-1/6-pound; 5th Isaiah Pitts, 10, largemouth bass, 1-pound 7 to 11 Year Old, Pan Fish Division: 1st Brad Stacy, 10, pumpkin seed, 5/16-pound.; 2nd Joe Johnston, 9, sunfish, 1/4-pound; 3rd Kris Burmeister, 10, pumpkin seed, 3/16-pound; 4th Gannon Voegtline, 8, sunfish, 3/16-pound; 5th Amelia Ellison, 10, bluegill, 3/16-pound. 12 to 17 Year Old, Game Fish Division: 1st Zack Rowell, 14, largemouth bass, 1-7/16-pound; 2nd Kristan Stacy, 14, largemouth bass, 1-3/16-pound. 12 to 17 Year Old, Pan Fish Division: 1st Tyler Rowell, 12, crappie, 9/16-pound; 2nd Nick Grobowski, 17, crappie, 7/16-pound; 3rd Jayden Lundry, 13, pumpkin seed, 5/16-pound; 4th Josh Merrit, 13, pumpkin seed, 5/16-pound; 5th Cyrus Bilderback, 12, sunfish, 4/16-pound.
Photo 2 (Pier) is Pastor Reed's family with Joyce and Emma Ziegler fishing at the Runkle Lake Pier.
Photo 4 is Chandra and Emma Ziegler with Emma's first place winning sunfish in the age 0 to 6 Division.
Photo 6 - Isaiah Pitts and his Grandmother fishing from shore for panfish in the Youth Fishing event.